Digital Society

We live in a digitalized society, in which digital technology is applied in multiple contexts: education, entertainment, working life and leisure. In a digital society, networking and the utilization of existing networks in day-to-day operations are accentuated. Networked operations are supported by wide databases, complex data network structures (both fixed and mobile) and the services built on them. The use of services generates a huge amount of information that can be utilized, which Big Data and Data analysis methods can modify into a form that supports business.

Digital society is included as an important part of many research projects and focal points at UCPori. Digital culture also exists as a subject in the degree program where the relationships between humans and technology are explored in multiple ways.

Research collaboration between Tampere University, Pori Unit and University of Turku, School of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies focuses on these themes.

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Petri Linna

Project manager
Software engineering

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Jari O. Soini

Head of Research
Software engineering

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