Universities in Pori

There are three universities that operate in the University Consortium of Pori:

The presence of Aalto University at UCPori consists of a flexible platform through which different units and programs of the whole Aalto University can carry out multidisciplinary research or study projects, or other events, in Pori or Satakunta also in collaboration with local actors.



The Pori Unit offers education leading to Master´s Degree in Management and Information Technology. Also post‐graduate studies leading to the degrees of Doctor of Science in Technology and Doctor of Philosophy can be completed. The major subjects are Software Engineering and Data Management, Network Management and Information Security, and Industrial Engineering and Management. As minor subjects degree students can choose Software Systems, Industrial Management, Data Resources and Analytics, and E-Business and Communications Engineering.


Social Sciences

In Pori Unit we focus on research and education on working life and human services, and offers studies leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees in social sciences. In addition, the Master’s Degree Programme in Organizing Human Services and the Master’s Degree Programme in Working life and Wellbeing are offered at the Pori Unit.


The Pori Unit of Turku School of Economics offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Economics and Business Administration. Post-graduate studies can also be completed. The major subjects are Accounting and Finance, Marketing, and Management and Organization. As minor subjects you can choose Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Economics or Information Systems Science. The main areas of expertise and research are business competence of knowledge-intensive organizations, and renewal and competitiveness of industries.


The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Turku administers the Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies that offers undergraduate and postgraduate education in the cultural field. Students specialize in Digital Culture, Cultural Heritage Studies or Landscape Studies. Courses in Cultural Tourism Studies, Cultural Production, and Museum Studies are also available.


The cornerstones of the Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) are applied environmental research related to marine themes, short sea shipping and intermodal research and development and exploitation of these themes in the regional operations. The nationwide Shortsea Promotion Centre (SPC) in Finland, a national short sea shipping and intermodal board, is operated in connection with the Pori unit. The aim is to develop short sea shipping and intermodal short sea shipping and rail, road or inland waterway links, primarily in international transportation.

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