Arrival to Pori & UCPori

University Consortium of Pori is located on the West Coast of Finland, in Satakunta region, in the centre of Pori City, by the Kokemäki River.

The main entrance is at the corner of Pohjoisranta and Siltapuistokatu (address: Pohjoisranta 11 A).

How to travel to Pori?

Pori is situated on the western cost of Finland about 250 km from Helsinki. There are various ways to reach Pori: train, bus and plane routes. Pori is the eleventh biggest city in Finland with over 85 000 residents. Pori is also the main city of the Satakunta region.

Travelling by train, bus or ferry


There are good train connections all-around through Finland. Reaching Pori by train usually requires you to take a train connection from Helsinki to Tampere where you switch trains before arriving at Pori.

For timetables and price information, please visit the webpage of Finnish Railways (VR).

There are train connections between Helsinki-Vantaa airport and Pori. You can take the train from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (transfer station: Tikkurila) that takes you straight to Pori with one possible change in Tampere train station. Check the schedule here by searching Helsinki Airport to Pori. Moreover, please find more information about finding the train at the airport here.


There are direct bus connections from most of the cities (for example Helsinki, Turku and Tampere) to Pori and buses drive every day. Please visit the webpages of Matkahuolto and Onnibus for timetables, tickets and more information. It is possible to receive discount from Matkahuolto bus tickets with a special student card.

More information concerning public transportation and student discounts:


It is also possible to travel to Finland by ferry from Sweden, Estonia, Germany, and Poland. For more specific information on ferries visit the webpages below.

Traveling by air

Most international flights coming to Finland arrive at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. From Helsinki-Vantaa airport, there are good domestic flights and bus connections going to other Finnish towns and cities. For more specific information, please visit Finavia's webpage.

At Pori

Pori bus and train station are by the city center, and the airport is located a few kilometers from the city center. Please check the map of Pori below. Your tutor will also help you about the practicalities of arrival.

Taking the taxi in Pori

You can also use taxi as a transfer.

The easiest way is to load an phone application: "Valopilkku" or "Aitotaksi Pori ja Ulvila".

You can also get a taxi from a taxi rank or by telephone – in Pori, the taxi service number is 0600 30033.

The charges are according to a tariff, based on the distance driven. Price example: in the evening, a distance of roughly 4 km will cost approximately 12 €.

Map of Pori locations >>

Arriving at Puuvilla and UCPori

You can arrive to Puuvilla area from three different directions:

  1. From Pohjoisranta to Pumpulikatu
  2. From Isolinnankatu to Kehräämökatu
  3. From Siltapuistokatu to P1 parking space

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University Consortium of Pori
Puuvilla Shopping Center

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