Student Association of Pori, Pointer ry

All students at the University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) who have paid their membership fee to their own Student Union and filled the Pointer membership form (available at Student Services) are members of Pointer ry.

Student Association Pointer was founded in 1988 and it´s aim is to advance the position of students in society and provide them with various services.


  • Delivering Information (the students of UCP and Student Societies in Satakunta area, Studenthouse Saikku and other interest groups)
  • Student Services (student cards, year tags, sports and copying services, tutoring etc.)
  • Interest Representation (statements, research, committee work)
  • Co-operation (with The City of Pori, UCP, FSHS, Student Unions, Student Societies etc.)
  • Events (Pointer organizes various student events. The biggest event is first of May, 'Akateeminen Wappu' )


Student secretary Milla Hautaoja
Phone: 050 462 3277 (on weekdays from 8 to 15.30)
e-mail: toimisto(at)

Office Assistant Mirabella Nieminen
044 358 6567 (on opening hours)

Opening hours

From Monday to Thursday 10-13
Friday 10-12

Pohjoisranta 11 A, room 122 (in the main hall)

Postal Address:
Pointer ry, PL 181, 28101 Pori