University units acting at the University Consortium of Pori conduct national and international research about each one's scientific discipline.


The research activities of the Turku School of Economics, Pori unit are organized under two broad themes and led via research groups. The themes are business competence of knowledge-intensive organizations and renewal and competitiveness of industries. These research themes overlap with the themes of entrepreneurship and internationalization. The research of the unit is mainly organized through research groups. Read more here >>


Degree Programme in Digital Culture, Landscape and Cultural Heritage provides education and conducts research on three major areas, which are not taught elsewhere in Finland as university subjects: Digital Culture, Cultural Heritage Studies and Landscape Research. Read more here >>


The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turku operates a teaching health center in Pori. It is the first teaching and research medical center planned in Finland. Teaching health center is primarily used for teaching medical center work. The main subject is generic medicine, but the facilities are also suitable for other medical specialization studies.

Social Sciences

Tampere University, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department at Pori focuses on research and education on working life and human services. The department offers studies leading to Bachelor', Master's and Doctor's degrees in social sciences. In addition, the department admits students with a suitable Bachelor's Degree to Master's Degree Programme in Human Services. Read more Read more here >>


The Pori Campus of Tampere University provides the highest-level education in both technical sciences and business sciences, engages in research and product development and furthers technical, economical and scientific development in Finland.
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Multidisciplinary research co-operation

Our multidisciplinary research is looking for new research questions at the interfaces between disciplines. At the same time, it develops applications serving the region and society. UCPori’s research cooperation strategy defines a common research vision, objectives, strategic focus areas and the role of the university consortium for regional studies.

UCPori carries out high quality multidisciplinary research and education in arts, economics, culture, industrial management, technology and social sciences