Energy and Environment

Energy and environment are in complex mutual interaction: production of energy affects the environment we live in while environment constitutes inexhaustible source of energy. Besides material values, human environment also involves our experiences and social activities. In UCPori various aspects of the relations between energy and environment are studied such as

  • monitoring and modeling of environment using remote sensing technologies
  • environmental effects of maritime businesses
  • landscape studies

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Tarmo Lipping

Professor, Director
Signal Processing

Tampere University, Pori Unit

Room: 309
tel. 040 826 2860
Extension: 6860

Sari Repka

Head of Unit
Environmental research and regional development

University of Turku, Brahea Centre at University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies

Room: 379
tel. 040 801 9206
Extension: 8109

Maunu Häyrynen

Landscape research

University of Turku, Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies

Room: 269
tel. 040 864 9406
Extension: 8128