UCPori offers visiting scholars an excellent opportunity to go international and to network with researchers from four Finnish universities. During their stay, visiting scholars can

  • participate in the ongoing research projects of the host / hosting team
  • co-publish with UCPori researchers
  • give presentations and lectures
  • teach a course or graduate level seminar, and participate in graduate research (but not as a primary advisor)
  • audit courses on a non-credit basis
  • attend a variety of workshops and other academic activities
  • conduct field work related to Finland and Finnish society (UCPori and the mother universities have diverse connections to e.g. schools and other public sector operators as well as private companies)

Visiting scholars enjoy access to a desk, a computer account and network as well as UCPori library services.

A visiting scholar will not have any responsibilities for teaching classes or for advising students.

Visiting scholars are not employees or students of any UCPori unit, and therefore are not entitled to compensation or other benefits available to regular staff, faculty or students.

UCPori does not provide housing for visiting scholars, but the UCPori International Office will assist in finding a (furnished) appartment. The International Office will also assist in finding Finnish for foreigners courses for those interested (such courses are not organized at/by UCPori).