Course offering: Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme

The following courses are available in English. Some of the courses lectured in English are of advanced level and may require previous studies in the field concerned (possible course-specific prerequisites are mentioned in the course descriptions).


PLA-15017 Introduction to Finnish Society and Culture 2 ECTS, P1-P2 (Tampere University/Technology)
PLA-55106 Knowledge Management 5 ECTS, P1 (Tampere University/Technology)
PLA-17406 English Communicative Skills 3 ECTS, P1–P2 (Tampere University/Technology)
DATA.ML.100 Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 5 ECTS, P1–P2 (Tampere University/Technology)
DATA.STAT.650 Introduction to Time Series Analysis 5 ECTS, P1–P2 (Tampere University/Technology)
PLA-55600 Introduction to API Economy, 1 ECT (self-study course: no lectures) (Tampere University/Technology)

PKT9 Environmental Economics and Natural Resources 5 ECTS, P1 (UTU/TSE)
PYJ11/PMA44/PJO26 Responsible Business 5 ECTS, P1 (intensive week)- P2 (UTU/TSE)
PMAS16 Strategic Marketing of Professional Services 6 ECTS, P2 (UTU/TSE)
PMA2 Service Marketing 6 ECTS, P2 (UTU/TSE)
PMA6 Integrated Marketing Communications 4 ECTS, P2 (UTU/TSE)
PYR11/PJO20/PMA43 Entrepreneurial Opportunities 5 ECTS, P2 (UTU/TSE)
PMAS19 Perspectives in Strategic Brand Management and Co-Creation, 6 ECTS, P1/intensive week (intensive course) (UTU/TSE)
PMAS15 Professional Project 2-6 ECTS, P2 (UTU/TSE)
PEN11 Intercultural Team Building with a Shared International Language 3 ECTS, P1-P2 (UTU/TSE, limited availability of places)
PJOS4 Readings in Management and Organization 2-6 ECTS (self-study course: no lectures) (UTU/TSE)
PLRS3 Advanced Course in Corporate Finance 6 ECTS, (self-study course: no lectures), P2 (UTU/TSE)
PMA40/PJO40/PKT40 Localized Study Project 2-6 ECTS (self-study course, no lectures) (UTU/TSE)

The course selection for the Spring 2021 will be published in September-October 2020


  • P1=Period 1, P2=Period 2, P3=Period3, P4=Period 4. P1–P2=the course lasts two periods.
  • UTU/TSE= course offered by University of Turku/Turku School of Economics

In addition to the above course offering, exchange students may take self-study courses offered by University of Turku, Degree Program in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, and by Tampere University Pori Unit/Social Sciences. Self-study courses are completed in form of book exams or written assignments.

The credits follow the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One credit refers to an input of approximately 27 hours of work, which consists of lecture hours, exercises, other forms of instruction and independent work.

Exchange students must have sufficient skills in the English language to follow classes (at least level B1 on the Common European Framework or IELTS band score 3.5-4.5) as the courses offered in English are of advanced level. No official language certificates are required


Weekly course schedules: Tampere University Courses (Select Programmes of Study; Select Filter: Johtamisen ja tietotekniikan DI-ohjelma, Exchange 2020-2021)

Weekly course schedules: UTU/TSE courses (->Select English-> Select course-> scroll down and select: implementations -> There you can see the teaching time and place (luokka=classroom)

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PLA-15017 Introduction to Finnish Society and Culture 2 ECTS, P3–P4 (Tampere University/Technology)
PLA-54216 Operations Management 5 ECTS, P3–P4 (Tampere University/Technology)
DATA.ML.370 Introduction to Data Mining 5 ECTS, P3–P4 (Tampere University/Technology)
DATA.ML.410 Health Analytics 5 ECTS, P3–P4 (Tampere University/Technology)
PLA-33416 Software Engineering Management 5 ECTS, P3 (Tampere University/Technology)
PLA-65307 Internet Marketing Techniques 5 ECTS, P3–P4 (Tampere University/Technology)
(PLA-79100 Directed Study in Management and Information Technology/Digital Systems and Health 3 ECTS, P4 (Tampere University/Technology))
PLA-17406 English Communicative Skills 3 ECTS (Tampere University/Technology), P3–P4 (only for TUT students, limited availability of spaces)
PLA-17506 Intercultural Communication 3 ECTS (Tampere University/Technology), P3-P4 (only for TUT students, limited availability of spaces)

PMA41/PLR38/PJO38 International Business 5 ECTS, P4 (UTU/TSE)
PYJ21 European and International Environmental Law 5 ECTS, P4 (UTU/TSE)
PTJ31 E-Business and Electronic Services 5 ECTS, P4 (UTU/TSE)
PLR11 Accounting Trends and Corporate Social Responsibility 2 ECTS, P3-P4 (UTU/TSE)
PYR22 Social Entrepreneurship 5 ECTS, P3 UTU/TSE)
PKT9 Environmental Economics and Natural Resources 5 ECTS, P3 (UTU/TSE)
PEN11 Intercultural Team Building with a Shared International Language 3 ECTS, P3-P4 (UTU/TSE) (Only for UTU/TSE Students)
PYR10 Venture Creation 5 ECTS, P4 (Only for UTU/TSE Students)
PJOS4 Advanced Readings in Management and Organization 6 ECTS P3-P4 (NB: Self-study course, no lectures. Only for UTU/TSE Students.)

Moreover, there are some self-study courses available at the UTU/TSE.