Valuable commercialisation funding for brain monitoring research conducted at the University Consortium of Pori

A brain monitoring research project was awarded Research to Business funding to commercialise the research results. The success in applying for funding is a significant achievement for the research group at the University of Tampere, based at the University Consortium of Pori, as well as for the research carried out in the Satakunta region.

Professor Tarmo Lipping (right), lead of the Data Analytics and Optimisation research group, researcher Matin Beiram Vand (middle) and project manager Reijo Koivula are delighted with the new steps of the Mindflow project.
Photo: Hanna Rissanen

The Data Analytics and Optimisation research group (DAO) at UCPori is part of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication at the University of Tampere. The aim of the group is to promote the readiness of companies and industry to use the latest solutions in data analytics and machine learning.

One of the group's research topics is data analytics in well-being services. The MindFlow project, which started in early February 2024, aims to study brain load and flow monitoring using brain waves.

– A number of consumer devices have recently been developed to measure brain waveforms. Today, anyone can buy a headband or headphones that measure brain activity. Although the applications of these devices are almost limitless – from analysing meditation sessions to controlling home electronics with brain activity – reliable interpretation of the measured signal requires specialised knowledge, says Professor Tarmo Lipping, who heads the DAO research team.

The Mindflow project therefore aims to address the need for skills in signal interpretation. The project will develop an application that will also be made available to consumers.

– The project will develop a platform to monitor and control the flow state using consumer devices that measure the brain waveform. The application to be developed will help us to take better care of our mental well-being in our increasingly demanding environment, says Lipping.

The MindFlow project was awarded nearly 350 700€ in Research to Business (R2B) funding managed by Business Finland at the beginning of the year to commercialise research results and develop them into new business. Projects receiving R2B funding are expected to generate international business, creating new exports and wealth for Finland.

Funding for the commercialisation of research results is of great importance not only for the research project itself, but also for Satakunta as a region.

Researcher Matin Beiram Vand wearing an EEG tracer on her head. Photo: Hanna Rissanen

– It is important that the new knowledge generated by research can be transferred to benefit the society, and also to enable new business. The funding received shows that UCPori has developed significant expertise in the use of the EEG. The funded research team has established extensive networks with both academia and companies in the region. At its best, the group's expertise creates opportunities for renewal and internationalisation in Satakunta, says Katariina Yrjönkoski, Director of UCPori.

Further information: professor Tarmo Lipping, tarmo.lipping(at), +358408262860