Netcod Research Group’s Seminar

Ajankohta: 20.04.2021 14:00-16:00
Paikka: -
Osoite: Zoom

Welcome to the TSE Pori, Netcod Research Group’s virtual seminar!


To receive the invitation link and the papers, please contact Kaisa Aro, kaisa.m.aro(at)


Tue 20th Apr at 2.00-4 pm


  1. Tanja Lepistö & Arja Lemmetyinen: Exploring expertise development – insights in the professional service context (working title)
  2. Joachim Ramström: Working life competences that matter for newly graduated: views of recruiters in the domain of knowledge work


The Networked Co-development research group is a multidisciplinary group which aims to understand the development of networked business and markets from a collaborative and processual viewpoint.